Thursday, October 16, 2008

Simple food test

Here is a very simple test that you can use to see if you are eating food, or if you are eating food-like substances.

Take the food in question and put it into a bowl. Next, leave the bowl on your kitchen counter for two weeks.

If after two weeks your bowl is full a disgusting mushy mess of mold then what was in the bowl was definitely food. It was something that can support this case the life comes in the form of mold.

If after two weeks the stuff you put in your bowl looks EXACTLY THE SAME, then it is not food, it is a well preserved food like substance.

Even the overly villainafied white break gets moldy...oddly enough I tried this with a bowl of a popular breakfast cereal and it lasted more than a month!

The one exception to this rule would probably be nuts..but I'd be willing to bet if you removed their protective layer, they'd go bad just like everything else.

It's not a perfect rule, but it can definitely help.


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Denise DeGrazia said...

Apples and winter squash will last 2 weeks without going bad. If you cut them open that's another story, though. But for the most part right on about the breakfast cereal.

Wazzup said...

Did you ever see any of those scary experiments with McDonald food ?

Like this one: