Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Adventures with Eat Stop Eat

We all have good days and bad days. Good days at work, bad days at work. Good days in the gym and bad days in the gym. And, for those of us who practice Eat Stop Eat, we have good fasts and bad fasts (hopefully we all have more good than bad).

Sometimes the curve balls that life can throw you while you are fasting can be unbelievable.

For instance, check out the email I received on Monday about a truly unbelievable example of fasting and will power.

Hi Brad

I'm a TV reporter and I am following Eat Stop Eat. One of the city's largest and oldest bakeries burned to the ground on the weekend -- they produce something like 40-thousand loaves of rye bread every week.

So, I was assigned to go to their secondary bakery and do an interview with the owners about the future of the original plant and how they're going to keep up with their orders. But the owner was very late getting there... he kept me and my cameraman waiting for about an hour and a half... during which time I simply had to sit in the bakery store-front and wait, surrounded by -- and I'm not kidding you -- stacks and stacks of the most amazing cinnamon buns, pastries, cookies and bread.

It looked and smelled like heaven, you don't even know. You want to talk about iron will? *I* have an iron will!!

P.S. I accidentally swallowed my gum this afternoon too. Like a three-year-old. My cameraman laughed at me and said I broke my fast. Noooooooo!

Honestly, Unlike this emailer I probably would have caved. I am super impressed that she made it though this ordeal as fresh baked goods are my weakness.

The good news is that the fact that she made it through the entire interview without sampling any of the baked goods showed her just how strong she can be. You can bet the next time she's tempted while fasting it will be an absolute breeze for her to ignore the temptation.

What doesn't break our will, simply makes us stronger.

However, if you do break your fast prematurely don't worry. Remember the whole goal of Eat Stop Eat is flexibility. If you wake up one day and simply do not feel like fasting, or life throws you a curve ball that will make your planned fast difficult, simply reschedule.

There is no difference between fasting Sunday and Thursday as opposed to Sunday and Friday.

Keep your fasts flexible and make them fit into your lifestyle and you will see great results.


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Michael said...

Hi Brad,

Good post! While I don't claim to have this sort of willpower (bakeries are also my weakness), I am fortunate to be the sort of person who can fast with little difficulty. In fact, I find it harder to resist food on my non-fasting days than when I am in the middle of my fast.

I always wondered why this was so, and came across what may be the answer a few days' ago. I stumbled across the "Fast-5" website/e-book ( which teaches a fasting method very similar to yours. On Page 12 of the e-book the author talks about "limbic hunger", which is the body's natural response to eat as much as possible during a time of plenty to prepare for a time when there may not be as much to eat. Aren't our bodies amazing?

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