Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How many Calories?

Here is a great link for anyone who has ever wondered how many calories, protein, fat or even specific single amino acids are in any particular food.

The USDA provides the most comprehensive nutrient database I have ever come across, and it is the one I use most often.

You can check it out here:

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azredhead57 said...

Here is a question I have had for years but cannot find the answer to. Most listings do not say if the info is pre or post cooking. I never know if Im supposed to weigh out 4 oz of chicken breast before I cook it or if I can just cook a bunch and then divide into 4oz containers (which is a lot easier). With veggies they often say raw or cooked but not with meat. I also find myself steering away from 'fresh' cuts of meat because determining the nutrition info seems too random for me, although Id rather buy that nice looking sirloin I dont have a clue to the calorie/fat/protein count.

Brad Pilon said...

Great question.

It depends on the food. For intance, bacon has lots of fat. Cooked bacon does not (it's all in the pan).

You can use the USDA database to choose between raw and cooked. Sometimes they even list different types of cooking (broiled, fried, baked etc).