Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aspartame makes you fat

I woke up this morning to the sounds of Smashing Pumpkins coming through my radio. The song was 'today" from their 1993 album Siamese dream. This immediately made me think back to my high school days (yes, I'm dating myself here).

Back in high school my buddies and I were coffee house rats. Yep, my addiction to all things coffee started very early in life, mostly because there wasn't much else to do when you were 15 in Southern Ontario.

(album of choice while cruising in my 1986 supra..)

My high school crew are now all in different parts of the world these days. One is a chef in Toronto, another is a journalist in Japan and one is an architect in New York. So needless to say, none of them were about to meet me for coffee.

But since I do love coffee, I went anyways.

I noticed two interesting things while waiting in line for my coffee at a local Williams Coffee Pub. One, I realized I still had the chorus from 'Today' stuck in my head, and two I was eaves dropping on the people in front of me.

The lady in front of me ordered a coffee with one sweetener. The gentlemen with her ordered a large coke, then emphasized the word 'Regular'.

He then turned to the women he was with and said "I'm off artificial sweeteners, I heard on the news that research says they make you fat".

"really?" she responded

"Yeah, they just make you hungrier 30 minutes after you eat them, apparently you are better of drinking regular Coke". he replied.

So this man just ordered 16 ounces of sugar because artificial sweeteners might have slightly increased the chances of him ordering 16 ounces of sugar later in the day. The logic here is so messed up, it makes my nose bleed.

This is another reason why I now go out of my way to avoid nutrition advice that comes from the mainstream media.

I could understand ordering a water, or a black coffee..but a regular coke? because a diet coke will make him fat?

This is what happens when weight loss research that is cutting edge and novel is found by mainstream media. Something that is very exploratory, very new, and not conclusive at all can be turned into a completely backward nutrition "factoid" that serves to do nothing more than confuse us.

Losing weight would be easy if everyone didn't try to complicate it all the time. Find a simple way to reduce the calories you eat, find the time to exercise and ignore crazy nutrition factoids from the main stream media.


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sugarbaby said...

It's true! Plus have you noticed how aspartame is in non-diet foods and drinks ("light" lemonade, chewing gum for example). Thanks for this important information. A good resource is and the movie Sweet Remedy about aspartame. Stay healthy, be conscious of what you eat and don't be fooled!