Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally, a REAL transformation contest

Here are 3 quick reasons why I am so impressed by the transformations in the first ever Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.

1. No crazy after pics where the person is tanned, shaved, and posing perfectly. You can definitely tell that these are real people making real differences in their bodies. Unlike some transformations where the contestant is a fitness model and their before and after pictures are simply "in-season" and "off-season".

2. No massive bodybuilders. Ever notice how so many before an afters consist of guys who are absolutely massive but with a gut, then they trim down to be absolutely massive but with abs? In my opinion if you already have veins running through your arms, shoulders and traps, you don't need to be in a transformation contest.

3. They are Real! Finally, I can look at before and after pictures and say to myself "I absolutely beleive this transformation occured". No second guessing about drug use or faked before pics. In my opinion these are the real deal!

My congratulations goes out to all the finalists!


Don't forget to vote on who had the most dramatic changes! Look for a combination of weight loss, muscle gain, and total body appearance!

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