Friday, April 25, 2008

Eat Stop Eat vs. The Warrior Diet

Here's an interesting question I received:

Brad, what's the differences between ESE and the Warrior Diet?

Both programs are based on the benefits of fasting. The main difference is, the Warrior Diet is a little more lenient that Eat Stop Eat, and Eat Stop Eat is a little more flexible than the Warrior Diet. (How's that for confusing?).

The Warrior Diet is more lenient because it allows for small meals during the fasting period, whereas Eat Stop Eat calls for nothing but calorie free beverages during the fast. Also, the Warrior Diet is 18 hour fasts, whereas Eat Stop Eat is 24.

However, Eat Stop Eat is more flexible as you only fast once or twice a week, whereas with the Warrior Diet you fast every single day for 18 hours at a time.

This is a very simplified answer, but the bottom line is that while they are both effective programs based on fasting for weight loss, they have very different philosophies.

I know of some people who have enjoyed success with the Warrior Diet approach, but I was only able to keep with it for a little under two weeks before it started getting in the way of my lifestyle (lunch meetings etc.).

Similar to my opinions on every other day fasting or even traditional intermittent fasting, I think that they simply are not flexible enough to maintain long-term. This is why Eat Stop Eat was designed to be flexible. The better you can fit your nutrition program around your life, the better it will work.


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Patri Friedman said...

I was on WD for the last couple months. I really liked it at first - lost weight, had more energy during the day, and the big evening meals were just amazingly satisfying and social.

But eventually I got tired of every day being the same. Some days I want to eat three meals. Some days I want to eat little or nothing. So I'm learning about other fasting diets.

But even on my non-fasting days, I think I will tend towards the Warrior Diet, with light breakfasts and lunches. That just feels most natural for my body.

Bruce said...

I have been on WD for five weeks. I too have lost fat every week, I have more energy and I generally feel better.

During the day, it is fasting, but it is not. You can eat some raw fruit or vegetables...but just don't eat a lot. If you follow the plan for three weeks, the third week will begin to see drop off of cravings and hunger. Really after the third day of the first week, I my normal daily hunger or cravings started fading...but week three feels permanent.

It sounds like a crazy way to eat, but it is the easiest eating plan I have ever tried.