Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Steroids in your Supplements?

According to a report on nutraingredients.com Greece's Olympic weightlifting team is blaming contaminated Chinese-made food supplements for some of its members being charged with doping violations.

Random testing resulted in 11 members showing positive results for steroids and other banned substances, according to media reports.

The Chinese manufacturer of the supplement has accepted fault for the contamination believed to consist of an anabolic steroid, an opiate designed to alleviate athletes' dependence on the steroid, and an estrogen suppressor.

I have spent a fair number of years not only designing sports supplements but also auditing manufacturing sites and I can tell you that from my experience, getting an anabolic steroid, an opiate and an estrogen suppressor into a batch of products without anyone knowing would have been down right impossible.

Maybe I just worked with really good companies, but that kind of think would have been spotted quicker than you can say "quality control".

Nevertheless, this type of report is scary. Whether you are looking for weight loss, fat burning or new ways to build muscle, be very suspicious of anything that promises you a quick fix.


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