Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Booster Drink Sabotage!

I've noticed an interesting trend of 'Booster Drink' places appearing in all of gyms around where I live.

The idea is simple, go to the gym, get a great workout, then get a booster drink made with real fruit and fruit juice on the way out the door.

Sounds perfect.

Except there's a hitch. Their protein smoothies have between 390 and 500 Calories per serving. and their power smoothies have between 320 and 430 Calories per serving!

The idea of a great tasting drink made from real fruit is definitely sounds like a good one, but we shouldn't mistake the idea of something being healthy as also meaning it is always good for us.

500 really healthy all-natural calories are still 500 calories - and if you are trying to lose weight this is easily enough calories to erase all of the hard work you just did at the gym (even with the added 'goodness' of wheat grass and acai juice).

Who would have thought a delicious green tea power smoothie with 20 grams of protein could end up being weight loss sabotage?

There's nothing wrong with drinking a great tasting booster drink now and then, just remember the calories still count.


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