Thursday, April 24, 2008

One Fast Per Week

Today I wanted to share an email I received showing that you can still see great results with only one fast per week.

Hi Brad,

Just a quick mail to let you know that I have completed
4 fasts (one a day for 4 weeks)
and the results have
been very good indeed.

I guess for many the bottom line is how much weight has
been lost, and for me the
answer is 6 pounds, which is
pretty good given that my previous regime (6 meals a
at 300 calories each) would not have given this
dramatic a change.

The more interesting thing for me is that my strength
and fitness hasn't suffered at
all (no evidence of
starvation mode type shutdown), with me actually doing
a Personal Best in the
bench press last Monday which
surpassed my previous PB set in...wait for it...1983!!

Thanks a million for the book (and the 40 min interview
last week, very "real world"
good sense).

I'll be sticking with the eat-stop-eat regime for the
foreseeable future and so will
my wife who has also
done it at the same time and loves the leeway to eat
on the other 6 days. She hasn't lost as
much (4 lbs) but she only weighs 125lbs anyway
so I
guess that's to be expected. Neither of us find the
fast day difficult at all and
as we do it on the
busiest day of the week (Tuesday-Wednesday). we find
we have more
time for the necessary things that must
be done.

All the best with the book and no doubt the world tour
to promote it!!!!



PS- The world tour is actually a great idea!

PPS- If you want to learn more about the Eat Stop Eat program CLICK HERE.

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